The Real Deal in Retail Appointment Scheduling Software

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Modern Scheduling for Today’s Retail Needs

Not too long ago, the retail industry was primarily focused on selling products. In a world of catalogs and storefronts, if a customer wanted to buy something, he or she either called to place an order, or headed over to a nearby brick-and-mortar store.

In today’s digital environment, retail is still very much about selling products, but another factor has crept into the picture to completely transform the retail arena as we know it: providing services.

This blending of products and services is now a staple in the world of eCommerce, and smart retailers are leveraging newer technologies to create delightful customer shopping experiences.

Enter retail scheduling software, which empowers shoppers  to seamlessly book their own appointments online from the comfort of their smartphones, tablets, or computers. From setting up personalized shopping excursions, to booking salon services, to making appointments for pet grooming, a quality retail appointment application can serve hundreds of use cases across the industry.

Even better, leveraging an online scheduler helps retailers boost sales by growing their appointment base. It also showcases the retail brand during  a variety of customer engagement opportunities throughout the scheduling process.

More customers, happier customers, and a kick in the pants for your brand awareness. Find out why there’s a lot to like about online retail appointment scheduling. Schedule your free demo today.


Increase Sales with More Retail Appointments

Experience exponentially higher appointment volume when you offer online booking.

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Build Brand Awareness with Personalized Reminders

Put your brand in front of customers with customized appointment notifications sent via email and text.

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Enhance the Shopping Experience

Delight your customers by allowing them to book their own appointments at any time.

Retail Scheduling Use Cases

Retail appointment scheduling software is perfect for the following use cases:

  • Personal shopping experiences, fittings, and alterations
  • Salons and makeup application
  • Automotive service and repair / tire service
  • Computer service and repair / technical support
  • Makeovers / makeup
  • Training, events, and seminars
  • and more!

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