The Real Deal in Retail Appointment Scheduling Software

Choose the retail scheduling software that improves the customer shopping experience, increases sales, and boosts your brand.

Retail Scheduling Software

Modern Scheduling for Today’s Retail Needs

Retail scheduling software empowers shoppers to seamlessly book their own appointments online from the comfort of their smartphones, tablets, or computers.

Not too long ago, the retail industry was primarily focused on selling products. Previously, if a customer wanted to buy something, they would call or go to a physical retail location nearby.

In today’s digital environment, retail is still very much about selling products. However, another factor has crept into the picture to completely transform the retail arena as we know it: providing services. This blending of products and services is now a staple in the world of eCommerce, and smart retailers are leveraging newer technologies to create delightful customer shopping experiences. It’s no longer enough to just have products on a shelf, you have to provide the customer an experience.

From setting up personalized shopping excursions, to booking salon services, to making appointments for pet grooming, a quality retail scheduling software can serve hundreds of use cases across the industry. Even better, leveraging an online scheduler helps retailers boost sales by growing their appointment base. It also showcases the retail brand during  a variety of customer engagement opportunities throughout the scheduling process.

Furthermore, AppointmentPlus offers handy features like social media integration, email appointment notifications, and text message reminders. These tools help businesses to increase operational efficiency and build the bottom line simultaneously.

More customers, happier customers, and a kick in the pants for your brand awareness. Find out why there’s a lot to like about online retail appointment scheduling. Schedule a free demo today.


Increase Sales with More Retail Appointments

Experience exponentially higher appointment volume when you offer online booking.

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Build Brand Awareness with Personalized Reminders

Put your brand in front of customers with customized appointment notifications sent via email and text.

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Enhance the Shopping Experience

Delight your customers by allowing them to book their own appointments at any time.

Retail Scheduling Use Cases

Retail appointment scheduling software is perfect for the following use cases:

  • Personal shopping experiences, fittings, and alterations
  • Salons and makeup application
  • Automotive service and repair / tire service
  • Computer service and repair / technical support
  • Makeovers / makeup
  • Training, events, and seminars
  • Sales appointments
  • Customer scheduling
  • Retail staff scheduling
  • and more!

Why AppointmentPlus For Retail?

Creating efficiencies for your retail store is important, but so is providing the right tools for your employees to reach their full potential in delivering outstanding customer service.

AppointmentPlus retail appointment software can help make sure that those 75% of customers stay in your store, buy more products, and return again and again as loyal consumers.

  • Multiple Location Functionality

Scheduling software can support multiple retail locations, and track available appointments at each store. Allow your customers the option to book their appointment at the store location that’s most convenient for them.

  • Confirmation and Reminder Emails and Texts

In today’s busy world, people are going to forget appointments unless they are written down or entered into their smart phones. Use your scheduler to send a confirmation message with a link that can import their appointment right into their Google or Outlook calendar.

And did you know that sending a reminder email or text can reduce no shows up to 50%? Just that simple courtesy can eliminate wasted time for your reps, and make sure that your customers know that you are expecting them.

  • Mobile access

Having an online scheduling system means you can access your calendar from anywhere, including your smart phone. And AppointmentPlus has powerful mobile apps that make it even easier for you to access your schedule or make updates as needed. The easy-to-use interface means you can stay updated and productive, no matter where you are.

All of the retail customer information you need to create a targeted, relevant message will be available in your appointment software, so you can segment to your heart’s content.

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