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Is your business or institution in a downward productivity spiral, caught in the web of a scheduling process that's past its prime? In an era of customer self-service, are you losing business to competitors who allow their clients to book appointments online 24 hours a day? Are you tired of appointment booking software vendors that promise you the moon, but fail to deliver when it comes time to offer support? Allow customers to self-schedule for appointments while boosting your own productivity.
Don’t stand for it. Join the Online Scheduling Revolution with AppointmentPlus.

Meet Your Customers Where They Already Are

In today’s environment of 24/7 connectivity, consumers are demanding service when they want it. Our appointment booking software empowers your business to offer customers the convenience of booking appointments via the internet or their mobile device, around the clock. The result? Increased client engagement, a boost to your brand loyalty, and a boon to the bottom line.

You Grow the Business. We'll Do the Busywork.

Is your staff productivity flagging due to hours spent scheduling, rescheduling, and modifying appointments via phone and email? Our online scheduler automates these administrative functions, so you can spend less time coordinating your calendar, and more time growing your business. Best of all, 500+ preference settings let your team balance their need for internal management with your clients’ desire for self-service.

Choose the Scheduling Software Plan That’s Right for Your Business

Give Appointment No-Shows the Old Heave-Ho

Missed appointments cost businesses millions of dollars a year in lost revenue, inconvenience other customers who may have wanted those time slots, and cause frustration for your team. Our streamlined appointment scheduling tool automatically sends your customers appointment notifications and reminders via email and text, then syncs with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar to keep them top of mind.

Pick a Software Vendor That's Also a Business Partner

Whether you’re a sole proprietor with one office, or a member of the Fortune 500 with multiple locations, our appointment scheduling software is built to grow with you. A variety of pricing plans and preference settings offer you greater flexibility than any other solution, and our team of scheduling software experts takes pride in championing the needs of your business.

Enterprise Solutions

AppointmentPlus for Enterprise is a best-in-class technology platform designed to handle complex scheduling and security needs, scale to the largest organizations, and integrate with other mission-critical technology. Backed by one of the most robust APIs in the industry, this customized offering is supported by dedicated Account Management, Professional Services, and Solutions Engineering teams ready to partner with your business.

Scheduling Solutions for Every Industry

From healthcare to retail, AppointmentPlus is the scheduling app of choice for a wide range of industries, and serves more than 100 use cases.


Allure and retain customers while building your brand by allowing clients to easily book their own shopping experiences, appointments, and other consumer services online.

Human Resources

Attract top talent and effortlessly automate the scheduling of important human resources appointments by leveraging software that streamlines recruiting tasks, job candidate interviews, onboarding sessions, and other personnel functions.

Business Operations

Empower your clients and prospects to self-schedule sales appointments, customer-service calls, trainings, and other types of business consultations with the power of the “book now” button.

Financial & Banking

Boost the customer experience of your existing financial advising, tax preparation, or banking clients — and attract new ones — by allowing them to independently book your services on demand.

Government & Public Sector

Give citizens and constituents the freedom to schedule government services and book public facilities seamlessly from the comfort of their home, office, or mobile device.

Education & Non-Profit

Enhance your capacity to serve students and engage volunteers by allowing them to self-schedule academic advising sessions, tutoring appointments, lessons, non-profit activities, and more with the click of a button.


Fulfill HIPAA compliance and streamline your patient booking processes with medical and wellness scheduling software that gives your clients the ability to securely book appointments 24/7.

Medical Office

Our medical office scheduling software is tailor-made to understand your patients, just like you. We have an array of benefits created specifically to enhance your patients’ experiences.

Academic Advising

Reduce costs at your educational facility with an efficient academic advising scheduling software system.


Your students will appreciate the convenience of online booking. You’ll appreciate the time it saves you.


The AppointmentPlus® automotive scheduling software system is crafted to be an efficient method of handling your booking needs, with minimal maintenance from you.


Streamline your client booking system with safe and secure appointment scheduling software for counselors and therapists.

Blood Donation Centers

Running a blood donation center requires your team to operate as efficiently as possible. A blood donation scheduling system can increase your productivity by using time-saving features designed specifically with you in mind.

Flu Shot Clinics

We know that not every clinic that provides flu vaccines is the same. You need a customized appointment scheduling solution that can handle your unique needs. AppointmentPlus has a proven track record of scheduling appointments for medical offices from private practices to multi-location blood donation networks.

Professional Services

Delight your customers by empowering them to self-schedule a wealth of services — including salon appointments, photography sessions, and everything in between — at their leisure. Empower your customers with an array of self-scheduling services to meet your needs – salon, photography, tutoring, non-profits, and more – with efficiency and ease.

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