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What Is the Definition of Time Management?

You can’t technically manage time as time is uncontrollable and continues to pass. You can’t slow down or stop time, and everyone has the same amount of time. What you can do, though, is control how you use your time and time management is what helps you use your time more effectively.

3 Major Aspects of Time Management

  1. Setting Priorities. Between all of your activities, whether it is personal or business related, many are easily distinguishable between whether they are a priority or not. Watching TV versus completing a job on time is easy to differentiate, but many activities are not as easy to determine. With time management it is important to establish those priorities as soon as possible to prevent any subsequent confusion.It is very important to identify and communicate a clear vision in regard to priorities. If you’re the owner of a company and expect your employees to practice good time management, then you should communicate the priorities clearly and frequently to them.
  2. Setting Deadlines. Deadlines are a great way to increase productivity and ensure that your tasks are being completed on time. This is also an important aspect of time management because, while you may have mentally organized your priorities, completing them in a timely manner is imperative.Not setting deadlines will encourage procrastination, the opposite of time management, and lead to accomplishing very little. Setting deadlines increases productivity, efficiency, and discipline while increasing the quality of your work. Deadlines also eradicate the risk of cramming.
  3. Reducing Time Spent on Non-priorities. So you have finished your priority tasks and now you have some free time, but how long will you spend working on non-priority activities? It’s easy to get glued to the television or spend a needless amount of time reviewing sales reports.While it can be very helpful to take breaks or enjoy some free time, it’s very important to reduce the time spent on those non-priority activities during hours you should be working. This leads to better time management and increased productivity.

How to Manage Your Time Effectively

The best way to accomplish all 3 of the main aspects of time management is to utilize a time management system. A time management system consists of processes, tools, techniques or methods which help to improve your time management. This can include finding techniques that save time, implementing tools which improve efficiency, creating a habit of scheduling all of your activities or even utilizing software that improves efficiency.

If you are a business owner or manage a company, it is very important to utilize a time management system if you hope to improve your company. Implementing automated scheduling software or other automated programs can greatly increase productivity and improve your time management.

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