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VIDEO: Online Scheduling Myth #4—It’s Insecure Because It’s In the Cloud

Any time you use a technology tool that stores data in “the Cloud” instead of on local computers, there can be some fears around who has access to that information. 

As this video explains, when deciding to use a cloud-based system, it’s important to select a company that works with larger organizations who are serious about their security, and use the highest standards to keep data and systems safe. In the video below, you’ll learn why all of today’s major online scheduling providers view the security of their system as a top priority.

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One big misconception that plagues lots of technologies, not just online scheduling, is that it’s insecure because it’s in the Cloud. The concept of cloud-based computing has exploded over the last two decades, and for good reason, Most organizations couldn’t afford to operate the way that they do if they had to rely on local computing. The cost to acquire and maintain the hardware is just too great. 

But, luckily for us, some very smart people have figured out how to consolidate these resources into a large network of computing power. This grants users around the world access at any given time, and does so at a significant reduction in cost. And so the cloud is born. However, by doing so, this has introduced a need to restrict who can access the cloud, how they access the cloud, and what they do in it. This is where the need for security comes in. 

All of today’s major online scheduling providers view the security of their system as a top priority. As larger organizations, and even government organizations, rely more and more on online scheduling, providers have had to continually invest in the security of their system. This means that they’re doing everything to stay at the forefront of industry standards. And even beyond this—to ensure they protect the data they store for their clients. 

This is great news for small businesses who want to maintain high security, while reducing cost. By using the same scheduler as one of these larger or government organizations, you gain high level security, without having to fork out the extra cost. 

So, when you’re shopping for online scheduling software, be sure you choose a product that is  trusted by these larger organizations. Chances are, by using a scheduler like this, you’ll be more secure than you are today. 

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