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VIDEO: Online Scheduling Misconception #5: All Online Schedulers Are the Same

Researching online scheduling is the first step toward integrating a powerful digital solution for time management. But before you choose your software, be sure to take time to learn all you can about what different vendors offer.

In this video e-course, we explore the fifth major misconception of online scheduling: Online schedulers are all the same.

While it’s true that many major online schedulers offer the ability to schedule appointments using cloud-based software, not every solution offers the levels of customization and support that your business may require. That’s why it’s so important that you ask a few key questions before committing to a scheduling software company,

Not sure where to start? Check out the final video in our five part e-Course to learn the four key aspects that can make or break your online scheduling experience.

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If you’ve seen a few examples of online scheduling software, you may be experiencing the common misconception that online schedulers are all the same. Just like any software, schedulers can look very similar on the surface. The fact is, under the surface, online schedulers can be vastly different. That’s why it’s important that when shopping for online scheduling, you pick the one that’s right for you.

What really sets one scheduler apart from another is the amount of control it gives you into the scheduling process. Choosing the wrong scheduler could mean that you have less control over your schedule than you do today—and nobody wants that.

We put together an important list of questions to ask when comparing scheduling software. Getting the answers to these questions can help you maintain control of your schedule, and be more productive than ever when it comes to time management.

  • Live Support. Does the solution you’re looking at offer live customer and technical support?
  • Customization. Are you able to configure your account to meet the specific needs of your business?
  • Training. Do they offer free, personal training for your unique set up?
  • Mutli-Location. As your business grows, will the software be able to grow with you?

These are some of the most important aspects for a good online scheduling software and the company that provides it. So be sure when making a decision, you know what you’re getting into.

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