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VIDEO: Online Scheduling Myth #2—Competitors Hacking Your Schedule

What if your new business tool, the one you implemented to increase productivity and grow your business, instead left you open to sabotage by the competition?

It may sound like something out of a mystery novel, but in fact this fear is a common reason why some organizations choose to forgo the use of an online scheduler. But, worry not. In this second episode of our video eCourse, we explore yet another misconception of online scheduling: Competitors will fill up my schedule.

As the video below makes clear, quality online schedulers have built-in systems that allow you to approve any potential customers before they’re cleared to make appointments. With a little advanced set-up, you can rest assured that only legitimate customers will be given access your calendar..

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One misconception we hear is that when using online scheduling, this means that my competitors will be able to fill up my schedule. For people in cutthroat industries, the threat of sabotage is very real. Luckily, this type of interference is rare—and mostly because online schedulers have a way of preventing this.

How? It’s easy. As we mentioned in our list of five must-have features for online schedulers, you want to make sure you can control customer self-scheduling by deciding who can, and who cannot, make their own appointments.

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Here’s how it looks to control customer self-scheduling. A new customer comes on to your booking page. Instead of being able to book an appointment immediately, all they can do is create an account. The system then sends you a notification to let you know you have a new customer. At your own convenience, you log-in, view their profile, and decide whether or not they can make an appointment. If yes, set their profile to “active,” and bingo! They can now make their own appointments at will, and they have your approval to do so. It sounds complicated, but with a few minutes of set up time, you’ll be able to check this misconception off your list.

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