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The Zen of Appointment Booking Software for Yoga Studios

Yoga — the ancient Indian word for the union of mind and body  has become not only a fitness craze but a total lifestyle change. Yoga can help relieve everything from anxiety and depression to insomnia, all while increasing one’s fitness level. An awesome workout for balance, flexibility, strength, and stamina, yoga is truly a holistic exercise. I can personally swear by it. It’s as simple as this — when I practice yoga, I feel better in every way (calm yet energized, ready to take on anything). When I don’t, I feel, well, blah.

We know your goal is to help people rejuvenate their bodies, spirits, and lives through the time-honored practice of yoga. It’s a lofty, yet attainable, goal. And the only way to reach it is to get people into class.

So ask yourself: How can you make it easier for wannabe wellness warriors to get into your yoga classes? I’m glad you asked! Appointment booking software for yoga studios is an easy answer.

Breathe new life into your scheduling process

Online scheduling software gives busy clients the ability to book classes directly on your website or Facebook page. Just a click or two, and they’re in. It’s reliable, and available 24/7.

Better yet, let them book from their smartphone. People have become accustomed to doing business using their smartphones. And because that’s where they are, you need to be there too.

Think about it: It’s  intimidating enough to worry about falling over during balance moves. Don’t make it more difficult than it needs to be for people to get in the door.

Relax with appointment booking software for yoga studios

Ujjayi breathing  it’s what you teach your students, so make sure you lead by example. Take a deep breath yourself and relax, knowing your staff will be using their time efficiently. When you allow your yoga students to self-schedule, you free up your staff to focus on yoga. And that reduces the number of employees you need to run an effective studio.

Online appointment booking software for yoga studios also sends automatic confirmation and reminder emails and texts, which dramatically reduces no-shows (and can be a life-saver for students — no one likes missing a class they’ve paid for!). No more worrying about small classes thanks to these handy messages. Your students obviously have a better chance at becoming yogis if they attend more classes.

And, with your reminders automated, your staff doesn’t have to worry about making reminder calls. Instead, they can concentrate on the practice.

Like you, online booking software is highly flexible. Okay, it can’t hold a half moon pose for five breaths, but it’s adaptable as can be. It’s also easily configurable, with no hardware to purchase, and no software to load.

The balancing act of managing multiple locations

Do you juggle multiple studios and teachers? Just as the perfect yoga clothing fits like a glove, appointment scheduling software can be configured to meet the needs of your business. It’s flexible enough to allow you to manage everything from one centralized location. And with the ability to customize the software to your needs, you will get the product that’s a perfect fit for you.

You can even share staff among studios if your instructors work at different facilities from week to week.

Be aware of the space you’re creating

This should go without saying, especially in a yoga studio, but your goal is to create an inviting, comfortable, calming environment. But, believe it or not, yoga can be intimidating, if not esoteric, particularly for newbies. Does your staff greet everyone as soon as they walk in the door? This is especially important if someone looks lost or confused.

I remember going to a yoga studio and standing around for several minutes before someone acknowledged me. Granted, the woman behind the desk was busy, but everyone seemed to know each other and I felt as though I stuck out like a sore thumb. I stood in the same spot with what was likely a dumbfounded look on my face until she finally said hello. I just wanted some reassurance that I belonged there. Be sure your staff takes care of your students so they know they’re top priority.

Yoga has an interesting history, especially in America, and, in all likelihood, it will continue to grow in popularity, particularly among people seeking more than just fitness from their workouts. Will your yoga studio be able to keep up with demand? It absolutely can, if you:

  • Make it easy for students to get into a class or a one-on-one session.
  • Give your staff the opportunity to work more efficiently, focusing primarily on students and not administrative tasks
  • Manage multiple locations effectively
  • Provide a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere.

Online booking software for yoga studios allows you to do all this, and more. Ready to learn more about online booking software?


So how do you handle scheduling? Any tips you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them!