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Streamline Your Dock Shipping and Receiving Schedule with Online Booking Software

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing goes quite right? Picture this: you’re sitting in your office, enjoying a hot cup of joe, when you hear the familiar rumblings outside the door to Dock A. A truck has arrived and is ready to receive your first shipment of the day. You grab your schedule book, full of penciled-in times, scratched out mistakes, and a coffee stain that looks strangely like your Aunt Doris. You head over to the bay to check in the carrier, only to notice that behind him, there are three more trucks waiting to unload. Woops.

So, as the detention fees rise (and they can get up to $5,000 per truck per day) you scramble to get all hands on deck to unload the shipments and frantically check your hand-written schedule trying to find where everything went wrong. And you ask yourself, “Self, isn’t there a way to simplify scheduling for a busy distribution center?”

Well, I’m here to tell you – there is, and it’s called shipping and dock scheduling software.

By using a scheduling software tool to keep track of the ins and outs (or inbounds and outbounds) of your shipping business, you get the power to streamline processes, automate scheduled delivery times, and manage every aspect of your dock’s schedule, all in one easy place. Ain’t nobody got time for logistical nightmares.

Coordinate your carriers with online booking

Dock scheduling software from Appointment-Plus, allows you to set specific delivery times for each and every shipment that comes through your doors. Or, if you prefer, you can allow the carriers and dispatchers themselves to view, manage, and update their delivery time on their own time. Flat tire in Flagstaff? Overslept in Oklahoma City? No problem! Online booking software can keep everyone on top of their game, and can even send out text and e-mail reminders, just in case.

Scheduling softwarefor shipping docks saves you time, money, and a once-inevitable headache(a worldwide industrial manufacturer reduced detention fees by over 75% after implementing the scheduler!). If you know exactly when your shipment is coming in, you’re less likely to find yourself in that sticky situation that comes with having too many trucks and too few hands.

Make your employees more effective

Speaking of hands, are you using the staff you have to their fullest potential? With online scheduling, you can increase employee efficiency by drastically decreasing the number of dispatcher calls, improving carrier communications, and letting your team get back to work.

Knowing who you have in your facility and when they’re there is half the battle. Scheduling software tools make it easy to keep track of employee schedules. But, as we learned earlier, you never know when something can go wrong. Make it easier for your employees to schedule time off, or for you to block off that much needed weekend at the lake, all with just a few clicks!

Big or small, schedule them all!

Do you need a way to easily keep track of all of the shipments to and from all of your docks? It doesn’t matter if you’re a single-bay warehouse or if you’re running hundreds of doors at multiple distribution centers around the country, online booking allows you to manage the scheduling down to the specific dock, wherever it may be. One leading manufacturer saved over $500,000 annually by using Appointment-Plus to manage their dock scheduling. Can you imagine how many vacations you could take on $500,000? At least two. (What? I have expensive taste.)

And, with easy implementation and seamless integration, you have all of your schedules on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop, whenever and wherever you need it.

The only shipping wars should be on TV, so don’t let your dock turn into a battlefield. Try an online dock scheduling software program to manage your shipments, automate your schedules, and save your business time, money, and problems.

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As a dock owner or manager, what other problems have you run into in your facilities, and what other ways have you found to simplify your shipping business?

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