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Shop Management Software & Your Shop’s Revenue 10 Years from Now

Let’s peer into our crystal ball of financial success, and look 10 years into the future to find out what your business revenue stream looks like in the year 2025. Ah, yes . . . your future is becoming clear now. We see flying cars. We see meals in pill-form. We see . . . okay, we don’t really see anything, because no crystal ball can tell you what tomorrow will bring.

In this world, we make the best choices for the future based on what we know today.

What we can show you, though, is five ways shop management software can change your business’s performance for the better — and not just by slightly moving the needle one or two years down the road, but by providing steady revenue growth for decades to come.

Your organization will become more efficient

If you’re operating without shop management software, you’re probably still using a paper calendar. Or maybe you have some type of electronic calendar in which you’re manually entering appointments and customer information.

As the technology becomes available, businesses retire their manual processes. And it’s not about Shiny New Toy syndrome. They do it because manual processes are:

  • slow,
  • expensive, and
  • prone to errors.


And these drawbacks directly affect customer satisfaction scores and your bottom line.

Shop scheduling software streamlines tasks in myriad ways. For example, manually entering data into your calendar program, your CRM software, and your email marketing software is redundant and inefficient. It also gives you multiple opportunities to make fat-finger data-entry errors.

By contrast, using appointment booking software with a mature API allows you to integrate these systems. As a result, data flows seamlessly from one system to the other. It saves your company time, effort and, ultimately, money.

Your data will create more revenue opportunities

How many of your bays sit empty on an average weekday? How many repeat customers do you have? What is your show rate? If you can’t answer these questions, you might have a visibility problem.

Shop scheduling software opens up your line of sight into this kind of crucial information. Its comprehensive reporting capabilities can show you years worth of data. And that lets you make strategically sound operating decisions that will drive revenue.

You will keep and cultivate good customers

Ask any married couple what’s kept them together, and they’ll tell you it’s all about communication.

The relationship between you and your customers is no different (except there’s less spooning). You have to maintain a dialogue with your customers if you want to keep them engaged. It’s that ongoing communication that keeps the relationship going.

If you’ve lost touch with a customer, the right shop management software can help you rekindle that relationship. Use it to pull a list of past customers to let them know about new services and special offers.

You will gain a competitive advantage

Plain and simple, convenience is king. In the era of Amazon Prime and GrubHub, customers are getting used to — and seeking out — services that require little time and energy to use, and offer high satisfaction.

For example, take Joe.


Joe’s car needs an oil change and tire rotation, and he needs to find a shop and make an appointment.

Joe’s got a busy schedule. Between work, his son’s soccer games, and his daughter’s ballet class, he’s lucky if he can remember to look at his oil gauge. He only remembers that his car needs service at night, after the kids have gone to bed and he has some time to himself.


He goes online, and finds two shops near his home, Shop A and Shop B.



Both offer the services he needs. And they’ve each received glowing reviews from customers about their service, prices, and their clean and comfortable waiting areas.

So Bob visits each shop’s website. And right away, he spots the tie-breaker: Shop B offers online appointment scheduling. Bob can make the appointment at that moment and be done with it. If he chooses Shop A, he has to wait until the next day and call during business hours. The problem is, even if he remembers to call, will he have time? Or is he in for one of those days with back-to-back meetings?

Joe makes an appointment with Shop B and goes to bed.


The moral of the story is that shop scheduling software sets you apart from your competitors. While they’ve got their clients waiting on hold, you’ll have your clients booked and confirmed.

You will see measurable results

Software that helps you manage your shop is an ideal long-term solution for your organization because it:

    • Reduces costs,
    • Helps you eliminate redundant processes, and
    • Highlights areas where resource reallocation makes sense.

Many a model employee’s time and talent is wasted capturing appointment information when they could be off kicking butt in more pressing areas.

Furthermore, the new system will act as a revenue driver, mitigating the pain of no-shows and late cancellations, and allowing carefully culled data to be wielded in new and interesting ways. Where you once dealt with the effects of unidentified blind spots, you’ll become an eagle-eye, zeroing in on strategic opportunities and turning them into massive successes.

Meanwhile, your clients will love the convenience and flexibility of your booking method (and your ability to keep in touch with them will ensure repeat appointments).

After all, there’s no better way to ensure longevity than to earn a reputation as a customer-centric company.

The bottom line is that you won’t need a crystal ball, a rabbit’s foot, or a magic lamp to see the success in your organization’s future. With the proper execution, shop management software will guide you toward real results.