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One Great Scheduling Solution: Get Customers to Pay Before Their Appointment

For businesses and some organizations, appointments and reservations for their services translate into revenue. But just booking and confirming these doesn’t automatically mean money in your account, regardless of the scheduling solutions utilized. The booking individual has to actually show up, receive service and then pay for it, which is not always the case. Many appointments go unfulfilled, especially when no payment is required until after the service has been performed.

Here are the top five reasons why capturing credit card information and receiving payment before an appointment or reservation is important in ensuring that scheduled times translate into revenue.

  1. It reduces “no-shows”. By offering or even requiring payment at the same time customers book their appointments or reservations, you instantly reduce the chance that they will miss their scheduled times. People who’ve already paid for the service are far less likely to miss their scheduled times.
  2. You can charge missed appointment fees. A missed appointment is lost revenue, which is why many businesses charge missed appointment fees to “no-show” customers. Capturing credit card information allows businesses to quickly charge these fees, instead of relying on an invoice or in-person charge during the customer’s next appointment or reservation time.
  3. Some customers prefer to pay before their scheduled service. For more and more of your customers, it’s less of a hassle to pay for services at the same time that they schedule them. Once their appointment is over, they can quickly be on their way, instead of having to dig into their wallets or purses for a credit card, cash or a checkbook.
  4. It makes your employees’ jobs a lot easier. Automating payment-processing can free up staff to focus on more important tasks. The few minutes needed to process payment for each customer after their appointments can quickly add up to hours of time each week.
  5. It’s easier to process payments. Both the capturing of credit card information and actual online payment-processing make accounting processes more automated and simpler. What was once a tedious process can be completely automated by collecting and processing payment information right through business appointment software.

Learn more about letting your customers pay before their appointment.

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