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On the Fence About Online Scheduling Software? 5 Reasons to Go For It

You’ve heard about it. You know people like it. You’ve even used it yourself to book appointments with other service providers. Embracing online scheduling software at your organization seems like the perfectly logical thing to do, right? Well, if you are unsure about it, don’t fret. You’re not alone.

Implementing appointment scheduling software takes effort. It represents a change to the way your business or institution handles the booking process. It’s also a change for those you serve.

So, if you’re sitting on the proverbial fence about implementing a scheduling system, it’s understandable. But if you do end up taking the leap, it may be one of the best things you’ve ever done for your organization. I’m going to help you hop off that fence and make a decision.

Here are 5 reasons to take the leap:

1. IT SAVES YOU TIMEonline scheduling software saves time

One of the primary benefits of online scheduling is that it’s more efficient. It eliminates all the back-and-forth of trying to find a date and time that works for you and for your customer, which can be a very frustrating process. Aren’t there more productive things to do with your day than answer calls, emails, and text messages about appointment scheduling?


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Just like how youyour customers want online scheduling software don’t want to spend a lot of time making, changing, and canceling appointments, neither do your customers. As a matter of fact, studies show that people prefer to book appointments online. Just like you, your customers are busy. They want the convenience of booking when they want to book, even if it’s while they are lying in bed at 10pm. And, it won’t be too long before customers won’t only want it, they’ll demand it.


3. IT REDUCES NO SHOWSonline scheduling software reduces no shows

No-shows are a serious problem. In the healthcare world alone, no-shows are a multi-billion dollar problem. And that’s just one industry. Every time one of your appointment slots goes unfilled, it costs you time and money. Once the time has passed, the value of an unused appointment can never be recovered. Online scheduling has been shown to significantly reduce no-shows—mainly because of the email and text reminders that come along with it.



you can access online scheduling software from anywhere

One of the most convenient aspects of online booking is that you can access your schedule from anywhere—and from any device. So, whether you’re traveling, sitting at home, or waiting in line somewhere, you can stay in full contact with your calendar. This gives you peace of mind that you are in full control of your schedule.



5. IT ALLOWS YOU TO EASILY CAPTURE DATAonline scheduling software allows you to easily capture data

Appointment scheduling systems also act as a database for customer information. They allow you to capture data on your customers
when they register to book appointments. Many schedulers allow you to collect up to 50 data fields. They also let you maintain a complete appointment history for each of your customers. You could easily run a report that shows every appointment— past and future— for a given client.

Hopefully, these five reasons for trying scheduling software have helped nudge you off that fence. Sure, it will require some changes in the way you and your customers book appointments, but it may be one of the most important changes you’ll ever make for your organization.