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AppointmentPlus Extends Online Scheduling Access to Mobile Devices

My Mobile Schedule™ allows Appointment-Plus online scheduling software users to access their appointment and customer information via handheld devices, mobile devices and PDAs.

Scottsdale, AZ – Appointment-Plus recently released version 1.0 of the My Mobile Schedule™ system becoming the first web-based scheduling software provider to offer users true mobile device access to their schedules. My Mobile Schedule™ expands the reach of Appointment-Plus software to handheld devices, PDAs and cell phones. As a result, My Mobile Schedule™ allows Appointment-Plus users to access their schedules, appointments and customer information wherever they are. Users can now instantly see appointments on their cell phones as appointments are booked by customers or staff into the Appointment-Plus system.

My Mobile Schedule™ technology extends Appointment-Plus software to users who are not always able to be in front of a computer. Common applications include outbound service providers, installers, and virtually any service provider temporarily away from their computers. By accessing the Appointment-Plus system with My Mobile Schedule™, these types of system users can review appointments, obtain customer information, access maps to customer locations and even update appointment information — such as notifying a home office that an appointment has been completed.

Mobile devices such as the handhelds, smart phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) are more popular than ever. Despite a soft economy, experts expect the total number of mobile device units produced in 2008 to top 1.28 billion. The year-to-year growth of these devices continues to exceed the 40% mark. Businesses that cannot access their schedules, appointments and customer information from mobile devices are neglecting a significant demand. Prior to the introduction of My Mobile Schedule™ all online scheduling software users were limited to Outlook sync and similar applications.

Appointments-Plus has been an industry leader in the online appointment scheduling software market since 2001. Customers of Appointment-Plus software users have booked over 20 million appointments via the Internet. Appointment-Plus is already in the process of preparing additional releases and upgrades to My Mobile Schedule™ for 2009, including the ability for customers to book and pay for appointments directly from handheld devices and cell phones.

“The demand for mobile access to Appointment-Plus has been overwhelming,” said Robert LaLoggia, “Appointment-Plus was founded on the principle of keeping its clients connected to their customers through the Internet, and My Mobile Schedule™ takes this connection to the next level.”

Appointment-Plus is a technology firm that specializes in the development of web-based scheduling and appointment software for a wide variety of applications and industries. Appointment-Plus software clients include Fortune 100 companies such as Pepsi, Dow and Comcast, federal and local governments, universities and schools, and small/medium sized businesses worldwide. In 2007, Microsoft Corp. selected Contemporary Web Plus’s Appointment-Plus software as its referral source for all MS Appointment Manager software clients.

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