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HR Forecast: Cloud-Based Solutions Rising

If your business is a living organism, then your Human Resources department might well be the heart. HR execs work hard to maintain the strength and efficiency of businesses small and large. But in today’s increasingly digital world, the nature of HR work has begun to shift.

An HR team must adapt to the needs of a mobile, efficient workforce that expects potential employers to truly value their time. Today’s job seekers rely on mobile devices to stay in touch personally and professionally. They expect smart, elegant, mobile-friendly processes throughout every stage of the hiring process. Without creative solutions to these tech needs, how can HR expect to keep a business pumping at full force?

Infographic HR Forecast Cloud-Based Solutions

Consider this:

  • Incorporating cloud-based technology to accomplish recruitment and onboarding tasks as opposed to relying on paper-based manual processes can expand your company’s HR reach to younger employee personas. In turn, this can result in a larger and more engaged pool of talent, which undeniably affects the bottom line.
  • Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2016 report offers insight into the technology shifts occurring within Human Resources departments across the globe. Fully 40% of all companies surveyed reported they are embarking on a replacement of core HR technology with modern cloud systems.
  • Appointment scheduling software is one tool that can make a big impact on your digital HR makeover. The solution is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application that completely automates the scheduling process. It allows individuals to self-schedule online at their convenience, eliminating the back-and-forth hassle of scheduling by phone or email. The most powerful scheduling applications are mobile-optimized, cloud-based, and elegant to use for both applicants and HR execs.

The data is clear:

HR is at a pivotal moment. In order to continue to recruit and onboard top talent, Human Resources professionals must change the manual, paper-based processes that have been the gold standard for decades. But even more importantly, they must shift their philosophy to better understand the values that drive today’s professional candidates.

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