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What Software Is Needed In A Medical Office

Many medical and clinical offices are progressing to computer based organizational systems for their offices. Filing, billing and prescription services are all online now in a majority of practices, subsequently making offices run more efficiently and reducing stress for patients.

If you are preparing to open a new medical office or upgrade your older system to a computer-based one, here are six of the software programs and services you’ll want to look into.

Top 6 Medical Office Software Tools for Your Business

There are many different software programs and packages available to suit your needs, depending on your type of practice. Here are 6 ways to schedule patients faster and more efficiently:

  1. Electronic Medical RecordsThere is a reason that it is difficult to find any medical office that still uses a paper filing system for patient records. Electronic Medical Records, or EMR software, makes all the information you need instantly available without the worry of a page or note getting lost.
  2. Electronic Prescription SoftwareE-Prescription software can be integrated with your EMR of choice to automatically submit prescription orders and save time filling medications
  3. Medical Billing SoftwareMedical billing software can also be integrated with your EMR software to create instant invoices for services rendered. Most billing software also includes the ability to file insurance information and accept credit and debit card payments.
  4. HIPAA SecurityIt is always necessary that you have a good security suite to protect your clientele’s extremely sensitive personal information. For any medical office your security system must meet all HIPPA standards.
  5. Accounting SoftwareAccounting software is designed to help you handle your inventory and general expense accounts without the need for professionally trained and educated accountants.
  6. Recovery SoftwareIn the event that your computer comes down with a virus, or your computer’s hardware fails in any way, it is very important that you have a system in place to automatically back-up your data to an outside source and restore it when your computer issues are solved.

Keep in mind also that it is very important that you have a decent technical support plan in place also for all of your equipment and software to get you back up and running in case any issues with your programs should arise.

How to Reduce Stress in a Medical Office

You will need a scheduling program that automatically protects against common scheduling programs such as double-booking, understaffing, and patient no-shows.

Scheduling software can help you manage patient and staff schedules and send automatic reminders so your patients don’t miss their next appointment.