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9 Tips to Help You Open Your Own Day Care Service

If you have children, you already know that day care can be a huge problem for parents. Child care is an essential service for working families, and even though that makes it a competitive business, there is definitely no shortage of demand.

When opening your own day care or child care service there are several things that you must take into consideration. It will take time and research, but if you truly love children there is no career more fulfilling and lucrative out there.

9 Tips on How to Open a Daycare Business

There are many different ways to open your own child care service. You could open a fully functional child care center in its own building, which will require that you secure a location. You could also offer a day care service out of your own home, which will require that you have your home inspected by the state’s Department of Human Resources or other relevant agency.

In either case, following the suggestions below will help you get started:

  1. Regulations for opening a day care center vary greatly by region. Be certain that you have researched and fully understand your local government requirements before opening your child care center.
  2. You may consider offering your services as an in-home babysitter for a while.It will help you build up experience as well as create clients that will likely be interested in your day care later.
  3. Take some training in first aid and CPR to ensure that you are ready to handle any dangerous situations. Also ensure that you always have a first-aid-kit ready and easily accessible.
  4. A child care center must have safe and adequate bedding for each child.Make sure that you can meet your local regulations on safe sleeping arrangements.
  5. Make meal plans.Clients as well as government inspectors will expect you to have healthy snacks and meals planned in advance.
  6. Ensure that all games, puzzles, toys and play equipment are appropriate for the age of the children you will have under your care. Also remember that safety is always your main concern, and do not allow broken or otherwise dangerous toys to remain where children could play with them.
  7. Put some thought into providing some educational time as well. Parents will be very happy to know that their children are learning instead of watching endless hours of mindless television.
  8. Get inspected. Your local Social and Rehabilitation Service, Department of Human Services, Department of Children & Families or Child Safety Department will conduct the inspection. Find out which government entity will do this, and contact them.
  9. Create your accounting system, advertising ideas and scheduling process. Remember that as a small business, you will be responsible for keeping good records on every child under your care.

What You Need to Reserve Child Care Spots

Your local government agency, upon finishing its inspection of your home or child care center, will provide you with a maximum number of children you can have under your care at one time. Keeping this in order is a must to ensure that you are meeting these requirements and do not have to send a child home due to a scheduling error.

Consider using online booking to keep track of all your child care scheduling needs.

As an added bonus, scheduling software can also make it easy for your clients to book when they need care by visiting your website or Facebook page. This is the very best way to ensure that you are following the letter of the law and giving your clients the best service available.

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