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Learn How to Implement Time Management Tips & Strategies

Practicing good time management will take the stress out of your life and make you a more successful person in your business. It is time to take control of your life and face the reality that although you cannot add more hours into a 24 hour day, you spend the hours you do have more wisely.

  • Make a plan for each day and take 30 minutes each day to plan out all of your daily tasks that need to be completed, be sure to take your list everywhere you go
  • Prioritize your daily tasks and establish which of your daily tasks are the most important
  • Understand the difference between a priority tasks versus an urgent task.
  • If a task is urgent but isn’t a priority, get it done first so that you do not fall behind schedule.
  • If all of your tasks are equally important, do the most difficult tasks first and save the easiest ones for last.

In order to help yourself manage your time more efficiently, track of each day’s activities. Make note of everything that you get done each day and how long it takes. Keeping track of what you’ve accomplished each day will allow you get a better perspective on how well you’re managing your time.

5 Time Management Tips You Need to Know

1. Eat healthy and exercise

Establish a healthy diet. This will give you more energy and reduce the amount of time you may lose from getting sick. Eating well and exercising will make you generally feel better which subsequently will likely lead to higher performance and better quality work. Performing this exercise in the morning is a great way to start your day as it will wake you up and lead to higher productivity in the first few hours of the day.

2. Take scheduled breaks

Working non-stop for several hours straight will likely lead to stress and poor performance. Taking scheduled breaks will give your brain a necessary rest, help your productivity and increase the quality of your work. Having said this, make sure you are noting your scheduled breaks in your planner at a specific time and for set, repetitive amount of time. Don’t take your break until the scheduled time; this will help in disciplining yourself to stay on task even when you grow restless of a particular task.

3. Set a time slot for interruptions

Create a time slot in your planner as “office hours” or time that you’ll allow for interruptions. This time should be used to return non-priority phone calls or emails, meet with individuals whom request your time, and allow yourself to be open to non-priority discussions around the workplace.

Outside of your “office hours” time slot, you should not allow interruptions, that is what this time is there for. If individuals want to communicate with you regarding non-essential discussions, politely explain when your “office hours” are and tell them they are welcome to return for discussion during that time slot.

4. Stay organized

Keeping your workspace organized and tidy is extremely important. This will not only make you an ostensible professional, but it will reduce the time you spend looking for the things that you need.

Spending even 5 to 10 minutes a day having to look for documents or materials will add up. Also, if you use digital services only, keep your computer files well organized to avoid spending time trying to find files or folders.

5. Improve your time management

Review past day’s activities and examine ways you could cut back on time spent doing certain tasks or personal activities. If there are certain tasks that you tend to do on a daily basis, try reducing the time slot for those activities by 5 to 10 minutes; often times you’ll find that you will complete your task in the time that you’ve set for yourself regardless of how long you give yourself. In other words, you could potentially accomplish the task faster but take longer because you’ve given yourself more time.

Following the above time management tips will help you to accomplish more on a given day, increasing your productivity, efficiency, and the quality of your work. If you are a business owner, you may want to consider implementing time management systems to help improve your businesses efficiency as well.

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