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How Much You Should Charge For Tutoring Sessions

Tutors can charge anywhere from $10 to $100 an hour. The more you charge your students, the more you can make up for in gas, travel, and sporadic hours associated with tutoring.

You can set higher rates to reflect your expertise in a certain field and imply high demand for your tutoring services. Private tutors make more money because they work for clientele that is able to pay more. While tutors with experience or expertise often charge $40 or more per session, parents and students are usually unfamiliar with the tutoring market and may view reasonable fees as high. Therefore, charging high rates sometimes leads to less tutoring work.

Competing For Tutoring Rates

  • A private tutor should get a feel for what other tutors of similar expertise and experience charge in their region before deciding on their rates.
  • Charging slightly below this amount will give you an edge in finding new clients.
  • As a private tutor, you should also prepare to explain the going rates, and your rates, to any potential clients

How Low Rates Can Attract Tutoring Clients

Always try to be just under the price of any other tutor; even a small difference can bring you more students simply because clients can save money.

Students who require extra help are from disadvantaged areas and underprivileged schools. Many of their families can’t afford to pay standard rates for tutors. Consider offering an extreme discount for such kids or a “pay what you can” policy if you can afford to charge this for tutoring. This will help you get a better reputation in your local community.

Keep An Organized Schedule To Increase Tutor Clients

It’s hard to stay on track when you’re scheduling multiple tutoring sessions per student.

Stay organized with tutoring software by Appointment-Plus. Your students will refer you for more business if you stay organized and always show up for a session on time.

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