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How Much Should I Charge For Tutoring? Tutoring Rates Per Hour

Private tutors are very much in demand in today’s society. Math, English, chemistry, general science, history, and foreign languages are the most common requests for tutoring. However, there are also tutors specializing in astronomy, civics, shop classes, or any class you might take in high school or college.

The rates for private tutoring can range anywhere from $10 per hour all the way to $75 or even $100 per hour. Weekly rates can range on average from $250 to $800 or even more. There are a multitude of factors that contribute to such a massive span of rates.

5 Tips on What to Charge for Private Tutoring Per Hour

Start with a base pay of $10 per hour. Then, take the following into account as you adjust that rate:

  1. Area salaries. The overall cost of living will likely change your base pay rate. If the normal income for the area is around $15 per hour, raise your rates to meet it.
  2. Demand. If you find that most of the tutors with similar credentials in your area are charging $25 per hours, it’s likely because demand for their services is skyrocketing. Raise your base pay to the average to compensate.
  3. Education. Obviously, if you are a certified teacher or a graduate student, you will charge extra for your tutoring.
  4. Subject. Usually, a subject like French or Spanish is somewhat easier to teach than math or chemistry. It is fine to adjust your rate depending on how much time is required to create a lesson plan.
  5. Timing. If your student can only use your services between the hours of 10 p.m. and 1 a.m., consider charging slightly more as differential pay. Likewise, if several people want to use your services the week before finals, increase your rates for demand.

The list above gives you a better idea of how to charge for your tutoring services. However, listening to what people are saying about you is important. If nobody is using your tutoring service or actually telling you that you are too expensive, lower your rates. If demand is overpowering you, charge a little more.

It may take some time, but you will eventually find the perfect rate that balances your time, experience and student demands.

Organizing Your Appointments

The most important thing to remember when offering private tutoring is to keep your appointments organized. This is especially true if you are a tutor with classes of your own to work around. Make sure that you have a good system in place to balance your schedule.

Consider using online scheduling to keep your tutoring appointments in check. It eliminates the need to manually manage your calendar, as students can book their own appointments online instead of calling you. These are automatically recorded in the program calendar. As an added bonus, scheduling software can send your students reminder notifications to help them remember their sessions.

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