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What You Need to Know When Decorating Your Day Spa

With nearly 18,000 spas in the United States, nearly 80% of those being day spas, it is important that you have the ambiance and décor that your clients expect. Ensure that your day spa has the comfortable feel your clients are accustomed to. This helps ensure return visits and referrals to family and friends.

5 Great Ideas for Decorating Your Day Spa Waiting Room

  1. Earth TonesWarm, inviting earth tone walls in your waiting room will help set the mood. Remember that floral colors compliment earth tones very well
  2. Window CoveringsThin, white veils or lace curtains in your waiting room windows will give your clients a nice dose of natural light. However, if the front windows of your day spa look out over your parking lot or into the smoggy industrial area of town, you might consider wooden slat blinds.
  3. SeatingIt is important that your customers feel comfortable. Cozy chairs and little couches in colors that compliment your earth tone décor are a lovely choice. Wicker chairs also help to flatter the natural feel you’re looking for.
  4. LightingThe more natural light the better. Otherwise, give the waiting room of your day spa a nice, muted glow. Be sure that it is dark enough to encourage relaxation, but bright enough to read a book or magazine.
  5. PropsA nice bowl of potpourri or a vase of dried lavender will add a nice, finishing touch.

Also remember that a minimalist approach to decorating your day spa will help the overall atmosphere. Don’t let the room become cluttered or crowd things together, open it up.

4 Treatment Room Decorating Ideas

  1. Darker Earth TonesDarker tones in your treatment rooms will add a peaceful atmosphere.
  2. Heavier CurtainsIt is important to keep sunlight out of the treatment rooms.
  3. BlanketsMassage and facial tables should have a light, comfortable down blanket for your clients to use. Make sure their color also compliments your earthy décor.
  4. CandlesLight your treatment rooms with candlelight and sconces. This is also a good excuse to use aromatherapy candles.

With these 9 décor tips, you should be able to give your customers what they expect when they walk into your day spa.

Bring In More Customers With Online Booking

Once your day spa starts to look good from your decorating efforts, you’ll then want to show it off by bringing in more clients, which also helps cover the costs of decorating.

Encourage more spa appointment bookings with online scheduling software and give your customers the option of booking online.