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How to Open a Massage Business

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a client leave your massage business relaxed and feeling genuinely good. But getting to that point can be challenging.

A little bit of preparation in advance can spare you some of the surprises and challenges you are sure to encounter when opening a massage business. This article was written to do just that and gives you a solid jumping-off point to start your business.

How to Start a Massage Business

Massage therapy businesses face unique growing pains. Here are the eight steps to help get you started:

    1. Apply for a loan – Create a business plan that covers all of your foreseeable expenses. Once complete, apply for a loan. If you don’t get a loan on your first try, continue to apply at other banks and financers until you find one that accepts your application.
    2. Line up investors – Talk to a few people who might be looking to invest in your business to help cover expenses your bank loan can’t cover. Share your business plan to help convince them.
    3. Find a building – Look for a building to purchase or lease that meets your needs. Be sure it has a waiting room, treatment rooms, and supply storage space.
    4. Buy equipment and supplies – This should include massage tables, oils, lotions, and robes or towels for your massage clients. You will also need chairs or sofas for your waiting area. If your funds are limited, consider used furniture.
  • Staff accordingly – Make sure that you hire qualified professionals to give treatments. Licensed therapists are a must.
  • Determine services to offer – There are many massage techniques out there, and many of which you may know how to perform. Make sure to do research to determine which are the most popular in your area.
  • Promote yourself – Offer a good deal for your first customers. Advertise these rates to make your opening week a booming success.

Organizing Your Appointments

It is vital to your success that you keep good records and schedules of your clients. Double-bookings and client no-shows can be devastating to a massage business, regardless of whether it just opened or is well-established. Consider using massage scheduling and booking software to keep track of your openings automatically and send out appointment reminders to your clients.