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7 Requirements for Becoming a Licensed, Certified Driving Instructor

Driver’s education and training has been a high demand field of study since the invention of the automobile. Millions of people every year take driving classes for learning permits, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and to regain their license after any number of traffic violations.

This gives driving instructors a massive base of customers and great job security.

Becoming a licensed and certified instructor isn’t difficult, as long as you meet the requirements. This article will show you what to expect as you set off to become a driving instructor.

How To Become a Licensed, Certified Driving Instructor – Requirements

The actual requirements for becoming a driving instructor vary from state to state. Your local department of motor vehicles can give you specific information for your area. These requirements generally include:

  1. Age. Normally, anyone applying for a driving instructor’s license must be at least 21 years old.
  2. Education. It is usually required that an applicant have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  3. Vision. Anyone applying for a driving instructor’s license must pass a vision test.
  4. Physical examination. You will be required to pass a physical – and possibly a mental health – screening before becoming eligible.
  5. Background check. You will likely have to pass an in-depth background and criminal history check.
  6. Driving record. You will likely have to present your driving record at the time of application. Excessive traffic offenses might disqualify you.
  7. Classes. Subject matter and classes will vary greatly depending on your state, but will include both classroom work and driving course work.

Besides the information above, you will be required to fill out a driving instructor license application at your local DMV office.

After You Have Your License

Once you obtain your driver instructor’s license, you will need a way to manage all of your driver’s training appointments. You might also consider starting your own driver’s training school.

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