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6 Great Tips for Successfully Managing a Hair Salon

Keeping a tight ship around your hair salon and knowing what your clientele wants are key to building a successful business.

6 Tips on How to Run a Successful Hair Salon

  1. Know your area. While it’s important to keep up with global trends, it’s just as important to know your market. You don’t want to spend a lot on hiring staff who all know the latest in balayage when your part of town is mostly college students with little money to spend, or older people who favor more traditional, conservative looks.
  2. Watch your customers. What does it say to you if a customer tells you they love their new look, but you never see them again? Some people are hesitant to voice their opinions, so you have to watch them closely. Look for body language or facial expressions that don’t quite match what they’re saying, and politely offer to try something a little different if they decide they don’t like it.
  3. Price your services right. While you may not want to offer your services at prices so low that customers see it as sub-par work, you need to make sure you aren’t charging so much that they can’t afford to come back a week or month down the road. Look for a balance between too cheap and too expensive.
  4. Offer variety. Think about turning your hair salon into a whole-beauty salon. Look into offering facials, manicures, or pedicures, or carrying a skincare line.
  5. Wear black. Strange, but true: Hair salon customers feel more comfortable when their stylist wears black. Perhaps, on some psychological level, it helps to neutralize their apprehensions. Whatever the reason, it works.
  6. Keep shop. Your customers are looking for a warm, inviting, professional salon – it’s up to you to create it. Decor, cleanliness, and maintenance must all work together to put your clientele at ease the moment they enter your hair salon.

Controlling overhead in your hair salon

Another important factor in successfully managing a hair salon is to keep a control of your overhead. It’s especially important that you do your research and know what hair products and chemicals your clientele will purchase to avoid having a surplus of merchandise that won’t sell.

Another important thing to keep in mind is your number of employees. While it’s sometimes a good idea to have stylists that specialize in a single technique such as curling or braiding, it is important that everyone under you has the necessary skills to meet every customer’s needs. Also, having more than one stylist that specializes in the same thing is usually a waste, unless your specific clientele use those services in excess.

Improve your bottom line by reducing office work

You may also look into eliminating a few hourly employees. An employee dedicated to cleaning or booking appointments is a drain on your revenue.

Ask yourself: Are your stylists really too busy to take time between clients to tidy up themselves? Also, look into salon scheduling software to help eliminate the need for a dedicated receptionist.

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