6 Benefits of Interview Scheduling Software

 Question: In these times of limited resources, how do you incorporate efficient, consistent, industry-leading hiring SOPs without running your HR team ragged?

It’s a simple formula: 

  • Remove logistical headaches with interview scheduling software

  • Replace them with dynamic, meaningful interactions

  • Mix well, and enjoy lower turnover, greater ROI on your incoming talent, and fewer job requisitions starting you down during the year

Check out our latest infographic for more benefits of interview scheduling software:


Benefits of Interview Scheduling Software Infographic


Let’s face it, human resources professionals are tasked with an unenviable burden. Coordinating the schedules of both existing staff and potential talent, while simultaneously marketing job openings and vetting new hires, is no easy task. Between job requisitions, applicant phone calls, and inefficient recruitment processes, the modern motto for HR seems to be “Too much to do, and not enough time to do it.”

But how do you justify taking shortcuts when the role HR plays in the talent pipeline is crucial? A recent study of 20,000 new hires revealed that a whopping 46% were no longer in their positions 18 months after onboarding. Because turnover costs money and time, it’s important as an HR professional to get your hiring protocol geared up to full strength from the very first interaction.

Interview scheduling software is an elegant digital solution that will lighten your HR team’s workload, while preserving the value of all they do. The benefits include:

  1. Time savings

  2. Monetary savings

  3. Fewer no-shows

  4. Less time spent reporting

  5. Reduction in scheduling errors

  6. Flexibility and convenience

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