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5 Tips for Successfully Managing Child Care and Day Care Centers

Running a daycare business out of a child care center is very different from running one out of your home. Managing your center can be very challenging, especially if your business includes multiple child care areas and care providers.

The larger your daycare becomes, the more problems that can arise. Managing it all may even seem overwhelming at times. However, these helpful tips can help turn your chaotic center into a toddler paradise.

5 Tips on Managing Your Daycare Center

There is a lot involved in successfully managing a daycare. You must be able to run a tight ship in an often unpredictable environment. Your children, parents, staff, and schedule can quickly become a nightmare for management. Here are five tips to help to help guide your business:

  1. Staff – Ensure that every member of your staff is properly trained, certified, and licensed to give care to multiple children. Make certain that one caregiver does not have more children than they can handle.Watch for signs that staff may be getting overworked. If it becomes necessary to hire another caregiver, do so. It’s better to pay another employee than risk losing clients because of sub-par care.
  2. Equipment – Other than what you use for food preparation, the majority of your equipment will be educational and play-related. Be certain that everything is age appropriate. Additionally, offer a wide variety of items to keep children occupied.
  3. Naptime! – Get your children on a regular nap schedule at some point during their stay. Remember, a well-rested child is often much easier to handle. Naptimes also provide your caregivers with a break.
  4. Snacks – Make sure you have a well-planned schedule for nutritious snacks that children will want to eat. Use colorful fruits and vegetables to catch the child’s attention.
  5. Safety – Safety always has to come first. Make sure that all toys and equipment are in good repair. Immediately discard anything that might be considered unsafe. Keep age groups separate to ensure that younger children are not getting hold of small items. And, of course, make sure that you have a fully stocked first-aid kit readily available.

Managing the logistics of your daycare center

Keeping your client records, expense records, scheduling, and overhead well organized is important to effectively managing your daycare center. Make sure you have a system in place to keep your paperwork neat and easily accessible.

Create a budget, and make cuts where you can. Unnecessary expenses can quickly add up and threaten the stability of your business, even if those expenses seem small.

Implement daycare scheduling software to maintain accurate recording and scheduling of clients and staff. This will help reduce the managerial workload, and prevent overbooking of classes.

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