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Can Twitter Help Grow Your Massage Business?

Social media marketing is a proven and affordable way to generate sales for your massage practice.

Included in your social media campaigns should be Twitter messaging, which has evolved into an effective tool in building awareness and revenue for your business.

According to DMR, there were over 320 million Twitter users worldwide as of February 2016. And they’re not just using it to chat. They’re sharing purchases and product information with friends and family, and making buying decisions based on Tweets that appear in their feeds.

Businesses that use online scheduling software can generate quick sales by adding a booking link to their Tweets. With this simple link, your customers and prospects can view your available appointment times, and instantly schedule their massage.

“Twitter is simply a means to an end for a business owner, and your commitment to it is paid for by the results,” said Guy Kawasaki, former chief evangelist for Apple and founder of

3 Ways Twitter Can Help Grow Your Massage Business

  1. Promote your discounts – Tweets are free advertising for your massage business. They’re also the perfect spot to promote your specials.As reported by DMR, 74% of Twitter users follow small and medium-sized businesses on Twitter to get product updates. Offering exclusive Twitter discounts could increase your bookings.
  2. Get referrals – Twitter followers are not only more likely to make a purchase; they frequently re-Tweet to share messages with others.According to a study by Constant Contact and Chadwick Martin Bailey, 60% of brand followers are more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after following the brand on Twitter.Twitter is also an excellent tool to promote any customer referral programs at your massage business.
  3. Communicate with customers – Your followers are not just looking for deals. They also want to communicate with your business through Twitter.Establishing a relationship with your customers builds loyalty. And loyal customers will continue to book appointments with you.A survey by InBoxQ found that 60% of respondents would be more likely to follow a brand that answered their Twitter posts, while 64% would be more likely to make a purchase from that brand.

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