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customer service marketing

Why Customer Service Is Really a Marketing Strategy

In today's highly competitive environment, customer service is a practice that should be top ...
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tutor business

How Scheduling Tools for Tutors Can Grow Your Clientele

Tutors are more critical now than ever. Online and remote learning is not for ...
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/ Higher Education
improve efficiency

A Look Under the Hood: How Software Helps Improve Efficiency and Maximize Daily Profits for Auto Repair Shops

The pandemic disproportionately impacted small businesses – and automotive repair shops were no exception ...
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/ Time Management
appointment scheduler

Is Your Appointment Scheduler Boosting Customer Satisfaction?

Do you struggle with customer satisfaction rates? Consider how you currently schedule appointments and ...
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/ Customer Experience
healthcare scheduling software

Why Healthcare Scheduling Software is Critical for Credibility

The healthcare industry is at an inflection point. On the one hand, it is ...
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/ Medical
patient engagement

7 Tips to Modernize Patient Engagement with Technology

Do you feel like your medical practice is out of date? Are you worried ...
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mobile health

How Mobile Health Technology is Pioneering the Patient Experience

In 2020, the mobile health industry had an estimated value of $40 billion. That ...
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/ Health & Wellness Care
online consultations

Going Digital: The Efficiency of Online Consultations

Did you know that a whopping six out of ten Americans reported using video ...
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/ Online Scheduling

The Key Principles of Managing Facebook Business Accounts

With about 2.74 billion active users on Facebook, the social network is an excellent ...
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