The AppointmentPlus Difference

Scheduling software that's scalable, customizable, and built from the heart

AppointmentPlus offers enterprise-grade online scheduling software that's designed to scale. With more features and functionality than any other solution, our cloud-based application dynamically adapts to serve organizations no matter what their size — from startups to members of the Fortune 500 — and meets the requirements of more than 100 industries.

Backed by in-depth customer support and the best onboarding experience in the marketplace, AppointmentPlus scheduling software streamlines appointment booking. The result? Increased efficiency, cost savings, and a delightful customer experience.

Company History:
"We're Just Scratching
the Surface"

Bob and Stephanie LaLoggia near an Christmas Angel Tree

In late 2001, when Bob La Loggia approached his wife Stephanie with an idea for an online appointment system, she was a little skeptical. The dot-com startup Bob helped get off the ground had recently gone down in flames, and they were still in debt from one of Bob's earlier business ventures.

So, another startup was an unnerving thought. But the pair agreed that it was a good idea that — if it worked — would solve a painful problem: customers having to call in to make, change, or cancel appointments with service providers.

As a team, they took on the challenge. Bob shut himself in their spare bedroom and coded pretty much non-stop, taking the occasional break to spend time with their daughter. Stephanie worked her job during the day to pay the bills, and did accounting and other tasks for AppointmentPlus on nights and weekends.

Now the La Loggia's were in business, but they didn’t exactly sprint out of the gates. Customers were slow to adopt this newer technology, and it took years just to reach 100 clients. But Bob and Stephanie didn't give up. They believed in the idea and knew its moment would arrive.

Fast forward to today, where more than 500 million appointments have been booked through the application, and billions of dollars of commerce flow through the system every year. The company now includes a committed team of more than 100 employees, including staff at AppointmentPlus India (APIN), which was founded in 2012 to support the company's expanded development initiatives.

And while AppointmentPlus remains dedicated to the small businesses who have been with the company from the start, it also has evolved into the premier enterprise scheduling application in the marketplace. Thousands of the largest companies in the world use the AppointmentPlus application every day to power their scheduling.

The future?

"We're just scratching the surface on the adoption of online scheduling software," Bob says. "We plan to be right there at the forefront of this revolution, innovating and leading our world into the future of scheduling."

Core Values

At AppointmentPlus, our core values are not just something posted on a wall or found in the employee handbook; we work and live by them every single day.

Exceed It

We go above and beyond for our clients and for each other.


Improve It

We are always improving our service and ourselves.

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Own It

We take ownership of our actions.

Company Culture:
There's Nothing
Quite Like It

Happy employees at a Friday night softball game

Sometimes it's difficult to define a culture because it just is. It's like asking a person to define the air around them. They know it's there, but it’s hard to describe what it is.

At AppointmentPlus, our culture is definitely the air that we breathe. Our culture is what makes us who we are. It defines us and permeates everything we do.

A good way to describe our culture is that it's very human. For example:

  • When we hurt someone’s feelings, we apologize.
  • When someone needs help, we don’t hesitate to go above and beyond.
  • When someone’s family is in need, there is no question that family comes first.
  • When a difficult conversation is needed, we have them.
  • When we have a differing opinion, we state it respectfully.
  • When someone makes a mistake, we support them.
  • When someone is talking, we listen.
  • When someone on our team is hurting, we feel sad for them.
  • When something good happens, we gather and we celebrate.
  • When something goes wrong, we learn from it.
  • When we step back and take in what we do every day, we feel proud.
  • When we see what is happening in the world, we feel grateful for what we have.

Our culture is not about trying to be perfect and it's not about the result justifying the means; it's about treating each other as the special and unique people that we all are. And, it's about growing and getting a little better every day in our ability to contribute to both the company and to the world.

Our culture is a bit uncommon, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Bob leading a leadership team meeting

Leadership Team:
A Commitment to Excellence

AppointmentPlus is committed to providing the most scalable, user-friendly, and configurable scheduling system in the world. That vision is being driven on a daily basis by the company’s multidisciplinary leadership team, members of which share a passion for technological innovation, professional development, and an engaging company culture unlike any other. Learn more about the Leadership Team.